Baby Block

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  • Personalized baby gift for newborns that will be cherished.
  • One all-natural maple block — 2 inch cube.
  • A great baby gift to give to parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents... even aunts and uncles.
  • Each baby block is laser engraved with the details of the newborn's birth.
  • Engraved details include: Baby's full name, date of birth, time of birth, weight and length, name of parents, and location of birth.
  • We use a natural organic finish, beeswax to seal the wood. Our beeswax is locally sourced from Hunter's Honey Farm.
  • Blocks are rounded over to remove sharp edges and corners.
  • Optional engraving includes: name of siblings, name of hospital, and name of gift giver.
  • Each Baby Block is handcrafted in Mooresville, Indiana, USA.
Over the years many of our customers have asked about the history of our personalized baby blocks, so we thought we would share our story with everyone.

It was in the early 90s after we bought our first laser. Lloyd & Joyce had been making wooden keepsakes for many years by this time. It was Joyce that came up with the idea of making a keepsake based on an old fashioned play block. She thought it would be a great way to proudly display all of the details of a baby's birth.

We showed it off to customers at craft shows that summer and fall and the response was overwhelming.

Our customers loved how the baby block was so unique and yet very affordable. Parents, grandparents, and kids could have a keepsake that would last a lifetime; friends and family could order an affordable and unique gift for newborns.

Never again would kids have to ask what day of the week they were born or how much they weighed. They could look at their very own baby block and read all of the stats pertaining to their birth.

Another great feature is the fact the baby blocks take up very little space and are easy to display.