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Gift Wrap: $2.75
  • Personalized gift for babies, new parents, or even grandparents!
  • One all-natural maple block — 2 inch cube.
  • Each baby block is laser engraved in a PRINT font with the details of the newborn's birth.
  • Engraved details include: Baby's full name, date of birth, time of birth, weight and length, name of parents, city & state of birth. You can even put who it's from on the bottom.
  • Baby Block is handcrafted in Mooresville, Indiana, USA.
This is our NEW version of our baby block with a PRINT font that is laser engraved, and yes I got a little funky with it. You still have the standard information but we've changed the top and the layout of a couple sides to be a little more whimsical. After 25+ years we needed an update and change of scenery!