Pet Block - RESCUED

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  • Cat Mom & Cat Dad will love this keepsake!
  • Personalized gift for those wonderful fur babies.
  • Great gift for Dog Mom & Dog Dad!!
  • One all-natural maple block — 2 inch cube.
  • Great gift for those of us who believe kids have 4 legs not just 2.
  • Each block is laser engraved with the details of the fur baby's information.
  • Engraved details include: fur baby's full name, date of rescue, and name of people.
  • Image size area (1-5/8" X 1-5/8") with an acrylic cover to protect your photo. All you do is stick a little pen in the hold, pop off the cover, use the cover as a template for cutting your picture, and pop them both back in!
  • Fur Baby Block is handcrafted in Mooresville, Indiana, USA by a bunch of fur baby lovers ❤
Many many moons ago when Cory and I were just helping mom & dad with the company we decided to make some pet blocks for our Fur Babies, Madison & Morgan (our first 2 dalmatians). Because way back then we never dreamed of ever having LeeLoo! We had Pet Blocks on the website at one point in time but the problem we had was artwork, because there are so many wonderful rescue families out there we couldn't really pull the breed from a website. Now that we have our color printer I was inspired to bring the Fur Babies block back to life and I just LOVE it :)