Teacher Block - Color

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  • Personalized Gift for Teachers
  • Our all-natural solid maple block — 2 inch cube
  • Laser engraved with the details of that school year.
  • Engraving includes: Teacher's name, School name, School Year, Student's grade (ie kindergarten, first grade, Algebra)
  • You can include the name of your child so they will remember the bright and shining star in their class.
  • Handmade in Mooresville, IN, USA
  • Graphics are an apple on the top and pencil on the side. These are the items that will be colored.
  • The colored version is now made with our UV printer and the block is finished with beeswax.
What do you do for the teacher who has the patience to put up with 30 kids 5 days a week for 10 months out of the year? You thank them with a personalized teacher block! Okay and maybe gift cards to Starbucks or Godiva chocolate (yup, my go-to gift cards).

The teacher block is something they can keep on the corner of their desk to remind them they made a great impression on a little growing mind.