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Wedding Block

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Gift Wrap: $2.75
  • Personalized wedding gift for the happy couple
  • One all-natural solid maple block — 2 inch cube
  • Laser engraved with the memorable fine points of the couple's union.
  • Engraving consists of the following information: Person #1's Full Name, Person #2's Full Name, the date, time, city, state and Location (ie church name, beach, ship) of the wedding.
  • Once again you can put your name on the bottom of the block to let the happy couple remember who gave the best gift ;)
  • Handcrafted in Mooresville, IN, USA, North America, Planet Earth
Once again, the personalized wedding block is my go-to gift with a cute little bag and a gift card for the happy couple. Something they can display next to their favorite wedding photo — we even make a frame for that!